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According to the Day Nurseries Act, Section 6.1, “Private Home Day Care means the temporary care for reward or compensation of five children or less who are under ten years of age where such care is provided in a private residence, other than the home of a parent or guardian of any such child, for a continuous period not exceeding twenty-four hours”.

Section 56.1 of the Day Nurseries Act states that “the number of children receiving care including the children of the person in charge who are under six years of age does not exceed five”

Simply put this means that a person may provide child care for five children of any age who are not their own.  If the person is associated with a “licensed” agency (Prince Edward Child Care Services), he/she may only provide child care for five children under the age of five.  He/she may still have five day care children in addition to their own by caring for some children over the age of six.

This is a law and it applies to all persons providing child care.  If reported, a representative from the Ministry may visit the home of the person in non-compliance.  This person may receive a warning or may be fined up to $2,000.

This law is in affect to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.  Please consider the numbers of children being cared for before leaving your child in that environment.

Submitted by Donna Young, Home Child Care Coordinator

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