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The government has announced a wage enhancement grant for licensed home childcare providers that will boost pay by $5 or $10/day based on enrolment. This is great news for the licensed home childcare sector as, with the changes promised by Bill 10, validity and credibility is finally being given to hardworking licensed providers.

This 3 year wage enhancement initiative is one of the first steps towards validating a profession that has for too long not been taken seriously. Prevailing attitudes assume children are parked in front of a television for the majority of the day, with little interaction with the caregiver, when the opposite is actually the case. Licensed Home Child Caregivers are required to meet Ministry of Education standards and are visited annually by a Ministry Program Advisor. They participate in professional development to increase their knowledge and skills, create and implement thoughtful, engaging and educational program plans that provide a balance of structure, fun activities and foster healthy eating habits.

It is really nice to see these hardworking individuals finally being recognized for their contribution to the early learning field. Hopefully, this trend will continue and licensed home childcare providers will continue to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the children and families in our community.

To get more information on Home Child Care or becoming a licensed Home Child Care provider, please contact Rachel at The HUB Child & Family Centre by phone 613-476-8142 or emailĀ

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