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HUB Home Child Care “Loose Parts” Workshop

Caregivers came together to play and experiment with loose parts to give them a greater understanding of the benefits of this type of play to young children. Giving children the opportunity to play with a variety of materials enables them to experiment, learn about their environment and challenge their own understanding of the world around them.


If we are able to provide a variety of materials-fabric scraps, pipe cleaners, wood blocks, pine cones, leaves, feathers, playdough to name just a few-and give ourselves permission to observe, wait and listen, we not only enable young children to use their imaginations and create masterpieces of ingenuity, we gain a greater insight into how they think, what they are capable of, what they are interested in and exactly how competent they are at such a young age.


One of the benefits of home child care programs is family grouping, where older children can stretch their imaginations and younger children become involved in the creative process, nurturing a heightened sense of belonging, empathy and competence. There is no right way or wrong way to do things or use items. Manipulation and experimentation occur naturally through play, creating a meaningful learning experience that becomes embedded in the child’s knowledge base, not because it was taught to them, but because they made the learning journey themselves!


Hands on education, networking and dedicated support from the agency enables our fabulous provider team to offer superior learning opportunities to the children in their care!


If you would like more information about becoming a licensed home child care provider with The HUB, or enrolling your children in the Home Child Care program, please contact Rachel, Home Child Care Coordinator at 613 476 8142 or email for more information.

*Thanks to Jamie, Kim and Kaleigh for allowing me to use their ‘creations’

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