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As you may be aware, the legislation has changed as of September 2017, and children 10 years and over will now have to be counted into the total number (of children in the home). The government is leaning towards universal child care in Ontario and regulations for independent home child care providers are consistently being brought more in line with the licensed sector.

With that in mind, we have been working on a new Home Child Care Model to enable independent providers to become licensed and therefore be able to take advantage of the same benefits that are available to current licensed home care providers. If you are providing high-quality care, should you not be rewarded with the wage enhancement grants and the ability to take a sixth child, that becoming licensed will allow you to have? – up to $20 a day, plus your daily fee for an extra child.

Shown below is The HUB’s Home Child Care’s initial concept of this model. We are really interested to hear what you think; whether you like the model or not, all input is valuable. Nothing in this model is written in stone, with the exception of licensing requirements and we would welcome any ideas and/or suggestions that may make this model work for our community.

Contact and inquiries please speak with Rachel Mann, Home Child Care Coordinator, 613-476-8142 or email

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