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My goal is for all the children in my care to have a great day – every day!

Lynn resides in Wellington and offers her families:

·         Flexible hours and availability

·         Pleasant, calm and cheerful atmosphere with an emphasis on having fun

·         Bright, immaculate, roomy spaces on the main floor of my home

·         Passionate about serving nutritious, healthy home-made meals using organic ingredients and locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible

·         Creative play, music, movement, art, drama; structured group activities balanced with quiet alone time

·         Spacious and secluded natural outdoor areas on site for adventures, picnics, and play

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To inquire further about Lynn, or any of the Home Child Care Caregivers located at various locations in Prince Edward County, contact Mariann Cretney, Home Child Care Coordinator, at 613-476-8142 or email

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Our commitment to the families in our care.

The children are invited to many different play opportunities throughout the day, all of which are designed to encourage independent thought, extend learning and encompass all domains of childhood-physical, social, emotional, cognitive and communication. The children are viewed as capable and competent, encouraged to try new experiences and offered responsive relationships with their caregiver, who provides a solid foundation for learning through a sense of belonging, well being, engagement and expression (the key foundations for learning from How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years.)

Weekend and shift work hours are available with some caregivers.

What can I expect quality programming to look like for children with a licensed home child care provider?

  • Flexibility in daily routines and building on children’s natural curiosity.
  • A caregiver who is thoughtful and reflective of the home environment and neighbourhood as rich in possibilities for children to learn through exploration, play, and inquiry.
  • Children of varied ages developing strong relationships, learning together and caring about each other.
  • Caregiver connects with community resources eg libraries, parks and family support centres (playgroup)
  • A responsive caregiver who reflects with home child care visitors to develop expectations for goals and the program, as well as participating in professional development and learning opportunities.
  • Children and their families build strong, positive and secure relationships with the caregiver, which helps the program evolve and mature along with the children.

Parents are an integral part of the learning process and we encourage strong, respectful and reciprocal relationships with ongoing conversations about what you want for your children. Through these conversations, we can support your child’s learning and development.

Licensed Home Child Care in the County.

Presently, we have the following Caregivers:

Rednersville – Krista Cooke

Ameliasburgh – Sally Keller

Wellington – Lynn Braun

Cherry Valley – Kristy Leavitt

Consecon – Amanda Baker

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If you or someone you know is thinking about becoming a licensed caregiver, please feel free to call 613-476-8142 or email for more information.

Major changes in Home Child Care Laws!

The HUB Child & Family Centre can help you meet your child care needs with our licensed program options. Our Home Child Care program views the child as a capable and competent individual, with an amazing capacity for learning.  Our Caregivers are given training opportunities and offered skill-building workshops to help keep them current with the ever-changing face of care for young children.  The Ministry of Education provides oversight of the program, maintaining a high degree of professional standards and ethics.  The programs are monitored regularly by our qualified RECE Home Child Care Coordinator.

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  • Nurturing, Fun, Home Environments
  • Nutritious Meals & Snacks
  • Safe Equipment
  • First Aid Training/Infant & Child CPR Training
  • Compliance with Municipal, Fire & Health Regulations
  • Compliance with the Ministry of Education and
  • Child Care and Early Years Act (replaces Day Nurseries Act) Regulations
  • Flexible Hours

*Subsidy assistance is available for those who qualify.

Contact Mariann Cretney Home Child Care Coordinator phone: 613-476-8142 email:

Become a Caregiver!

The Home Child Care Program is looking for Caregivers throughout Prince Edward County! Do you live in Picton, Wellington, Ameliasburgh, Sophiasburgh or Bloomfield? Changes have happened in legislation!  There has never been a better time to start your own home child care business and we can help you get started.


  • New Home Child Care Enhancement Grants
  • New Funding for Caregivers with Licensed Agencies
  • Free Access to Equipment
  • Free Access to Workshops & Courses
  • Guaranteed payment twice per month by direct deposit
  • Free promotion and advertising
  • Support from Qualified Staff

Contact Mariann Cretney Home Child Care Coordinator phone: 613-476-8142 email:


Hours required per day

Age of child

Parent Fees

Under 5 hours

Infant (0-18 months)


Toddler (18-30 months)


Pre- school ( 30- 72 months)


School age (44 months – 13 years)


5-10 hours

Infant (0-18 months)


Toddler (18-30 months)


Pre- school ( 30- 72 months)


School age (44 months – 13 years)


10-16 hours

Infant (0-18 months)


Toddler (18-30 months)


Pre- school ( 30- 72 months)


School age (44 months – 13 years)


16-23 Hours

Infant (0-18 months)


Toddler (18-30 months)


Pre- school ( 30- 72 months)


School age (44 months – 13 years)


Up to 2 hours

Before School Only (44 months- 13 years)


Up to 4 hours

After school Only (44 months- 13 years)


Combine 6 hours

Before and After School (44 months- 13 years)


Late Fee- $5 for every 10 minutes pass contracted hours of care for each child in care.

Child Care Fee Subsidy

Parents who work or attend school may be eligible for fee subsidy to help cover child care costs. Eligibility is determined through a simple telephone application process. Applications can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to process. All personal information is kept strictly confidential. To qualify for Fee Subsidy, you must:

  • live in Prince Edward or Lennox & Addington County
  • be the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 years.
  • be employed, in school or in an approved training program.  Even if you are not yet employed or in school, you may still apply to get on the waiting list. If you or your child has a special need, you may also qualify. Learn more and use subsidy calculator.
  • be looking to place your child in care at one of the following programs:
    • Licensed child care program that has a fee subsidy contract
    • Before and After School Program
    • Extended Day Program of an Early Learning Program
    • Approved Recreation Program
    • Informal Care (OW clients only)
  • be in financial need. Financial need is determined through an income test using either:
    • your Family Income from the Child Tax Benefit Statement, if you receive the Universal Child Care Benefit
    • your Net Income (line 236) on the Income Tax Notice Assessment/Notice of Reassessment.


Combined Family Net Income Parental Contribution
Less than $20,000 $0.00/month
$25,000 $41.67/month
$30,000 $80.33/month
$40,000 $166.67/month
$50,000 $416.67/month
$60,000 $666.67/month

Note: if you are a new immigrant or a new resident to Canada, you can apply before you have to file your first tax return, with supporting documentation.

HOW DO I APPLY? Call Intake 1.866.716.7991 or Local 613.354.7991 Documents Needed to Process an Application

  • Most recent “Notice of Assessment” directly from Revenue Canada for both applicant and spouse (if applicable) or “Canada Child Tax Benefit Statement” stating Family Income.   If you have misplaced your Notice of Assessment or Child Tax Benefit Statement the contact the Canada Revenue Agency 1-800-387-1193 to get a copy.
  • Verification of accommodation: rent receipt or property tax notice that shows you live in Prince Edward or Lennox & Addington coverage area.
  • 2 recent, consecutive pay stubs or letter from employer as employment and schedule verification
  • School schedule or letter from an educational institution as schedule verification
  • Confirmation of Space Form signed by applicant and child care provider
  • Court Documentation or verification of Custody (if applicable)
  • Social Medical referral (where appropriate)
  • Ontario Works Participation Agreement (where appropriate)

To maintain your fee subsidy you must:

  • Report changes in your employment/school, address, phone number, marital status, etc.
  • Submit two reviews per year
  • Pay your fees to the child care program
  • Respond to all letters and submit information by the deadline date.

If you plan to leave the child care program or transfer to another program – you must tell the child care program (in writing) and contact the Fee Subsidy office.  Most operators require at least two weeks in advance. You must pay all outstanding fees before leaving the program. We will not process a transfer if you have outstanding fees.

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