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Why Licensed Home Care?

Home Child Care providers who are registered with a licensed agency have the benefit of support, additional and relevant training opportunities and security within the organization.   Training can be tailored to meet the provider’s needs (e.g. First Aid/CPR training, income tax information, home-based business, review crafts for children, Infant and Toddler activities, nutritious meals and snacks). With the implementation of Bill 10 imminent, all Home Child Care providers will be held to Ministry standards and subject to immediate closure if minimum standards are not met.

The HUB Child & Family Centre collects all parent fees so caregivers do not have to chase clients for money.  We also provide additional equipment, i.e. cots, high chairs, safety gates, reducing costs.  We are also eligible for wage enhancement grants as they become available. For 2015/16 this includes a $5-10/day pay boost for caregivers working with a licensed agency who qualify!  Families requiring care may qualify for subsidy, and fees are generally less than centre- based care.

 In depth initial interviews and site inspections ensure new caregivers meet the requirements as set out by the Ministry of Education licensing standards.  Regular monitoring by our RECE Home Child Care Visitor offers reassurance to parents that caregivers are following licensing standards, as well as providing the high quality care that is expected as part of The HUB community.

To get more information on Home Child Care or becoming a licensed Home Child Care provider, please contact Rachel at The HUB Child & Family Centre by phone 613-476-8142 or email

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