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EarlyON Annnouncement Letter


Playgroups focus on children 0-6 years old who attend with parents/grandparents/caregivers, etc. Playgroups offer a positive, interactive experience for parents and children. Play-based learning environments are provided in various locations around the County where children learn skills in socialization, communication, listening and problem-solving. Parents can get questions answered regarding their child’s development and receive referrals and get connected to other services if needed.

Evening & Saturday Playgroups

Please check the Playgroup-Program Schedules (above) for details on the evening and Saturday playgroups.

Professional Development

All staff are encouraged to continue educating themselves in current, up-to-date, best practices concerning Early Childhood Development. All staff attend mandatory First Aid training every three years and annually attend CPR certification training. Staff also attend two workshop training sessions as well as in-house training.

Parent Education & Resources

  • Triple P Parenting Program
  • Infant Massage
  • Prenatal



On your first visit, please be sure to fill out a registration form.  If you have registered before but have had another child, brought a new child with you, moved, or changed your contact info, please complete a new registration form.

Sign In Sheet

It is very important that you sign in both yourself and your children every time you attend a program.  This helps ensure that for fire and safety reasons we are aware of who is in the building. Signing in also helps us with statistics used for decision making and funding.

Parent/Caregiver Role

We encourage you to fully participate in all activities with your children.  Every precaution will be taken by the EarlyON staff to ensure the safety and welfare of program participants. Parents/caregivers are ultimately responsible for the supervision and safety of the children they bring to the program.  EarlyON programs are “drop-in” not ”drop-off” programs.

Social Media and Online Documentation

Documentation is an important component of the program and includes photography and video that is displayed in our programs, on our website, and on our social media accounts.  If you do not want to be included in pictures/videos, please alert staff when you arrive.

Healthy Children Welcome

Children who show obvious signs of illness should not attend EarlyON programs.  If your child is too ill to go to school, they are too ill to attend EarlyON programs.  Your child should be kept home if he/she has had a fever during the past 24 hours or if he/she currently has heavy nasal discharge (unless due to an allergy), a constant cough (unless it is due to an allergy), diarrhea (more than two loose bowel movements), or any contagious conditions (e.g. chickenpox, head lice, pink eye, etc.).  If you child becomes ill with a contagious condition within 5 days of attending a program, please notify EarlyON staff.


Diaper change tables are provided wherever possible. We ask that you clean the change table surface after each use. Please, be sure to bring a change pad for your child(ren) should a changing table be unavailable.  Be aware that in some EarlyON locations, we will ask parents/caregivers to take soiled diapers home.


Proper footwear is to be worn at all times during an EarlyON program to protect the safety of adults and children.


Families may bring their own snacks, which can be consumed in the designated snack area.  Due to potential allergies, we ask that you do not bring a snack containing any nuts or peanut butter. Please leave the snack area tidy when you leave.

Hot Drinks

Due to the risk of spills and burns, hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will not be permitted in the playroom.  All cold drink containers must have a lid.

Older Children

EarlyON programming is designed for children aged 0-6 years old.  However, children over the age of 6 are welcome if space allows.  Families may choose to bring alternate activities for older children.

Photographs/Videos Taken by Participants

EarlyON cannot be held liable for any claims arising out of alleged inappropriate use of image(s) by private patrons of EarlyON programs including, but not limited to, claims of invasion of privacy or defamation. Please respect the privacy of other children, parents, caregivers, and EarlyON staff by not posting personal photographs or videos on social media sites without consent.

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