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May 2018

The HUB Child & Family Centre continues to support the community with quality licensed childcare and early learning.

We offer enriching opportunities for our children through inquiry play based learning. One important part of our planning is our children’s garden and indoor grow towers. We were fortunate to receive a grant through the Parrott Foundation, which allowed the completion of an outdoor classroom, bike track and garden beds for the children to enjoy and learn through play.  Children learn about food from seed to table. We are in the third year of our garden growing, and our staff and children are busy starting seedlings inside to plant for the end of May.

We applied for a grant through the Health Unit’s “Healthy Kids Community Challenge” and were the recipient of two grow towers. The children have enjoyed lettuce and tomatoes from these towers over the winter. We want to produce as much fresh fruits and vegetable year-round as possible to teach children how important these foods are in their overall health.

We have added some outdoor kitchens where the children can wash the vegetables and fruit and prepare them for our kitchen.

We look forward to sharing the produce we grow with the families and children at The HUB.

We are adding new experiences for the children every year. Donations towards our Children Garden project are welcomed.

Susan Quaiff, RECE
Executive Director

Help support our children to learn about healthy eating from seed to table.

Project Profile: The Children’s Garden project was created in order to help build healthy eating habits with the children of Prince Edward County. Starting at a young age is key for building lifelong skills, along with hands on opportunities from planting to harvesting and eating the food. Learning the whole process from seed to table will provide a fun and engaging environment year round. Curriculum will be built to maximize the learning from the various areas of the garden. The program components of the project will be as inclusive as possible with the children, parents and community volunteers. Other local community organizations and schools will also be welcomed.

This Project is the result of a number of Prince Edward County residents and organizations coming together to make a difference for those experiencing food security issues in our rural community.  We have received grants from Slow Foods and United Way Quinte as well as donations from a number of individuals.  The project has benefited from the professional support of Landscape Architect Victoria Taylor (initial design), Chef Jamie Kennedy, and From the Farm Cooking School proprietor Cynthia Peters.

The Garden is an outdoor learning facility where children and families learn the skills needed to grow and prepare local produce.  Established gardens will assist in supplying fresh produce to our programs.  We strive towards sustainability which includes partnerships with local community agencies and the development of a community garden strategy to maintain the garden and share the produce grown.  We look forward to engaging students from elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels to support ongoing maintenance and development in the garden.

We submitted an application grant to the Parrott Foundation for funding and received the total amount required to complete Phase One of the Project.  We were most appreciative of the Foundation for this and thank Scott Wentworth and staff of Wentworth Landscapes for making the project come to life.

With ongoing and continued work by Wentworth Landscapes, Phase Two has been completed with gazebo/learning centre, flower beds, trees, raised garden beds, bicycle path, and hill for the children’s outdoor play.

Help us continue and support our Children’s Garden.

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