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Why Playgroups are Important >

Playgroups are a great way for children to practise the fine art of getting along with others and trying new ways to play.  They’re great for moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers too; offering a lot of support and social contact. Playgroups are great fun.  Children will have the opportunity to sing, dance, do crafts and play with other children.

Playgroup offers

  • free play where children have choices
  • painting
  • sand or water play
  • outside play
  • practise new skills and experiences
  • learning to play with others
  • meeting new friends
  • experiencing books
  • learning to share, problem solve and take turns
  • socialize; so importnat as it builds their self-confidence
  • preparation for school
  • more independence from parents
  • a little more structure to play
  • improvement in learning and social development of children who need help

Why Playgroups are good for parents

  • make new friends
  • reduce isolation
  • share concerns, ideas and experiences
  • learn from other parents

Playgroups also offer

  • workshop opportunities
  • details of special events
  • resources
  • professional support
  • family support

If you have any issue or concerns, playgroup staff are happy to discuss these with you.  They can access any information for support services you may require.

You can also refer to our website for ”Links to Partners” located at the bottom of the page.

Submitted by Mabel Pringle, Early Learning Facilitator

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